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How To Hardwire Your IPad, IPod, And IPhone    
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How To Hardwire Your IPad, IPod, And IPhone
dinsdag, 12 april 2016 - Dossier: Voorlichting


Our family has transitioned from wireless to wired. Here’s how how to hardwire your iPad, iPod, and iPhone and other favorite devices safely to the Ethernet.

Transitioning from wireless to wired has been more of a journey than a decision. Our home was not wired for Ethernet, thus we had to learn to live with the inconvenience of cables running throughout the house. I wouldn’t trade the peace of mind, however, and my three teens have adapted well. Especially once we corded their favorite devices!

With a little ingenuity and a few supplies, you’ll be able to enjoy your devices without the added burden of wireless frequencies.

Shopping List for Required Accessories

Lightning to USB Camera Adaptor – like this

USB Ethernet Adaptor – like this

Powered USB 2.0 Hub – like this (Make sure the hub is powered.*)

Ethernet Cable – like this

*You need a powered USB hub because the USB Ethernet Adaptor needs more power than the Lightning Adaptor Cable provides.

For Android devices the BobjGear USB adaptor may do the trick. Find it here. You may also need a USB-OTG cable which changes your mini-USB port into a full-size USB port. Find it here. We have Apple devices so I have not experimented with this, but these products should help get you started.

Directions for Connecting Your Device to the Ethernet

1. Plug in power supply cable to the back of the hub. (This comes with the powered hub.)
2. Plug in USB Ethernet Adaptor to the front of the box.
3. Plug in the black USB cable into the back of the box. (This comes with the powered hub.)
4. Plug in the Lightning USB Camera Adaptor to the USB cable.
5. Plug in the Lightning USB Camera Adaptor to your device.
6. With your device in airplane mode, connect all of the above.
7. You will get a notice on your device saying it cannot power the adaptor. When you see this notice, disregard it and press OK. If you’re not getting the Internet, refresh the page or open a new window.
8. Final Note: Be sure to disable the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions once you have connected to the Ethernet. Otherwise, the device will continue to emit these fields.

This video shows exactly how to have a wired connection for your iPad, iPod, and iPhone.

Read my full blog post about connecting your device to the Ethernet here. .

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