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France: Testimony of Violette, 14 years old and electrohypersensitive    
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France: Testimony of Violette, 14 years old and electrohypersensitive
maandag, 13 juli 2015 - Dossier: Ervaringen burgers

12 juli 2015

This testimony of Violette, 14 years old and electrohypersensitive, was read out, probably at a gathering of EHS in France in August 2014. We have done our best to do justice to this very poignant testimony when translating it into English.

Violette Gould, Couserans, Ariège -
August 2014
EHS: Lueurs sous les MHertz

To Everyone,

There it is: a letter from me. It is all that I could do to participate in this gathering. However, to be present, to meet other people, to exchange..., I dream of this! To throw myself into the world, build with you... My ''fate'' denies me this.

But is it really my ''fate'' denying me this?

I am going to tell you the story of the disaster which is occurring in my life. You may then form an opinion about responsibility for my fate.

I am now 14 years old. When this began, I was 10. Until that moment, my life had been normal; family life, school, my friends, my love for the mountains of Ariège... Great Happiness, very great Happiness: I was free (except when my parents restrained me!) The beginning of the catastrophe occurred during the start of the 5th year in school. I will forever remember this period as a nightmare.

I'm not sure I'm exaggerating when I say, it is like a person confined in the prison at Guantanamo: locked up, tortured...

Like all students, I returned to school, was with my friends, teachers... During the first week, I suffered an unbearable headache. ''Break'' at home... Return to school, near-immediate return of the headache.

Unbearable, Torture. Return home for several days... during the month of October, I attended school only a third of the time. Very quickly, I realized that the presence of a cell phone, as well as an emitter of the relay antenna type, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max... violently set off the headaches.

Near-constant pain. Torture. I consulted Professor Belpomme. The result of the consultation came as a shock: harm to the blood-brain barrier, a very great deoxygenation of the brain... After maximum protection, the damage lessened. Only, what did not subside was that each exposure to pulsed electromagnetic waves awakened the torture. It is violent, very violent.

I continued my education through the long-distance learning center (CNED).

Why did this intolerance occur so suddenly?

We noticed that a 3G emitter had been installed during the summer on an antenna near the school. Since then, the number of wave emitters has been increasing. I am more and more driven back into my ''protected'' space, which is becoming my prison.

To tell you the truth, I have all the same found an activity that I am passionate about: Aikido. I can only go because a group of civilized persons practice it: they systematically switch off all cell phones when I am there.

It is also a place relatively protected from outside emissions. But I remain limited in possibilities for a social life: no concerts, no shows, no movies, no stores, no kind of outing in town... So, sometimes I snap. This year I did not resist the temptation to go to the music festival in St. Girons... I escaped my prison for two hours in order to do like everyone else, to have the same possibilities as other people. I rebelled, faced with my intolerance to electromagnetic fields. I do not want it, I do not want to live with it any longer. It has gained the upper hand! I was knocked out in bed for 8 days with an unbearable headache and since then, an intolerance that has increased. Do you know that even the mountains, my wilderness, are no longer accessible except in very rare places, the bottom of very deep valleys or small valleys where no one thinks of going, which turn their back on human conquest?

Because even in the mountains, there are antennas everywhere, which emit very powerfully... I let you form an opinion about responsibility for my ''fate'' in the face of this disaster.

But I am going to give you my opinion: any one who thinks my ''fate'' is responsible for my situation, as for that of everyone, whose numbers are growing, who live with the same disaster, will sadly be giving up the values of Life, of the Earth, and of Humanity. I simply refuse without compromise to allow this disaster to spread. To all of you who read or are hearing my letter being read, please know that I reject all responsibility for my ''fate'' and that, in my own way, I will fight.

Because I am convinced that I will not suffer the ''deviations of polluting technologies'', because in the name of freedom and equality, I will find the gifts that life has to offer. I refuse that they will be taken from me.

I am asking everyone to educate themselves and to act against the development of pulsed electromagnetic waves!


Original text in French:

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