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How do you feel during ''Peak Cell Phone Usage Times''?    
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How do you feel during ''Peak Cell Phone Usage Times''?
dinsdag, 27 mei 2014 - Dossier: Ervaringen burgers

Bron: Emf Refugees
27 mei 2014

ingezonden mail

Hi Everyone,

When I first became ill in 2005 from living in the vicinity of several cell phone towers in Fukuoka, Japan, I would feel quite sick during peak cell phone usage times (8 AM-9 AM, around Noon, and then between 7 PM - 9 PM) -- though I was not aware at the time what was causing it, and only figured this out after being sick for about six months.

Now, that I am here in California, I usually start to feel quite tired and/or sick between the times of 4-7 PM on weekdays and usually escape to my canopy and earthing sheet for a good nap. I start feeling much better after around 9 PM.

However, when I go up to Harbin Hot Springs -- which is pretty much a white zone -- I do not have this problem at all and feel quite fine the whole time I am there without a need to take any naps during these times.

Anyone else out there noticing how they feel during peak cell phone usage -- which most likely differ depending on the particular country`s cell phone usage habits.



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