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Ervaringsverhaal: Protect Your Family From EMF Pollution    
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Ervaringsverhaal: Protect Your Family From EMF Pollution
dinsdag, 14 januari 2014 - Dossier: Ervaringen burgers

Bron: .
jan. 2014

Via deze link kan doorgelinkt worden naar verschillende interessante websites.

My name is Jeromy and I am a safe technology advocate. The purpose of this website is to help parents and their children understand and use technology safely. I had to learn this the hard way and my hope is that you will learn from my experience.

My Story:

In 2011, I was on top of the world. Healthy, happy and active with a successful career in Silicon Valley that provided ample time for my wife, who is a medical doctor, and I to travel and pursue our many interests. As a civil engineer and as a manager at a large Silicon Valley firm, I was around multiple computers, Wi-Fi and cell phones nearly 24/7 for over a decade without feeling any ill effects. That all changed when we returned from summer vacation that year.

Within days of being back in our San Francisco home we both began to experience intense headaches, heart palpitations, tinnitus and insomnia. We had never experienced this before. Oddly, the symptoms diminished when we left our home. After a week of this, I mentioned our situation to a friend at work and she said the exact same thing happened to her husband when a wireless “smart” meter was installed on their home.

I went home that evening and found that while we were on vacation our utility had installed a bank of wireless “smart” meters directly below our bedroom.

Could this really be the source of our unusual symptoms? The wireless smart meters were the only thing that had changed at our home of five years.

After some research, we were shocked. Thousands of people around the world were experiencing the same thing once wireless “smart” meters were installed on their home. We also learned that scientists and medical doctors throughout the world were saying that these symptoms are precisely what one should expect when humans are exposed to microwave radiation and electrical pollution (that which is emitted from Wi-Fi, cell phones, cell phone towers, cordless phones, and wireless “smart” meters).

What exactly was going on? How could we not have been aware of this?

We asked our utility company immediately and repeatedly, but it took four months for PG&E to remove the “smart” meters (yes, that PG&E from the film “Erin Brockovich”). During that time we had to abandon our home because our health diminished to a point that frightened us. We moved temporarily to a town without smart meters for relief, however, the damage to our bodies had already been done.

After 10+ years of using wireless technology with no worries and no problems at all, I could now feel when I was near a cell phone tower. I experienced a splitting headache when attempting to use my cell phone (I used to love my Droid ''Smart'' Phone). Within minutes of using Wi-Fi, I had a headache that would last all day. Even using a computer became painful. Being in a city became very difficult. My only refuge was nature – where the symptoms would go away completely within 24 hours.

I had become electro-hypersensitive (EHS), a condition that currently affects 3-5% of the population and affects me to this day. I still experience frequent headaches and take many precautions to avoid wireless technology and electrical pollution. If I do not take precautions, I can have an exposure that will take me days or weeks to recover from.

However, I am learning to manage and am able to provide help to many people around the world who are experiencing the exact same thing. Judging from the amount of responses this website receives, EHS is growing exponentially as wireless technology and electrical pollution increases throughout our communities.

The past 2+ years have been an intense learning experience that has completely changed our lives. We still do not have a place to call home. You could call us EMF Refugees. We have lived in over 20 locations the past two years, searching for a home that is free of EMF pollution. We had to leave our beloved San Francisco as it is one of the most heavily EMF polluted cities in the world. Life becomes amazingly difficult when you cannot live near a cell tower, stay in a home or hotel with Wi-Fi or a cordless phone, or in neighborhoods that are now filled with microwave radiation from wireless “smart” meters and their wireless infrastructure.

Our situation has forced us to find solutions that work. And, that is what this website is about – providing solutions and education so that your family is protected from EMF pollution. I have spent thousands of hours researching and understanding this issue, including testing dozens of ideas and products. Only the best and most effective solutions that I have personally tested are recommended throughout this website.

Hopefully our pain is your gain.

My Background:

I have a master’s degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering and have worked in Silicon Valley for over a decade. One of the focuses of my studies was air pollution. Little did I know that I would be revisiting this topic later in life. Even though it is invisible to the naked eye, man-made pulsed digital microwave radiation is one of the most potent and fastest growing sources of air pollution in our world. It may seem invisible to you now, but perceptions shift as humanity evolves. Within our lifetimes, the truth about this toxin will become evident.

Welcome to seeing the world in a completely new way. It may seem overwhelming at first, like it was for my wife and I. However, this will pass in time and you will be able to take the necessary actions. Once you do, your children and grandchildren will have a much safer and healthier world in which to live.

This is a leading edge of the health, environmental sustainability and social justice movements. Thank you for being a part of such an important issue.

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