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Ingezonden brief West Seattle Herald, USA    
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Ingezonden brief West Seattle Herald, USA
donderdag, 30 oktober 2008 - Dossier: Ervaringen burgers

Overal ter wereld dezelfde klachten rond zendmasten. Hier een voorbeeld uit Vancouver geplaatst in de West Seattle Herald.

Letters To The Editor

Problems from cell phones

Monday, October 27, 2008

These Seattle residents have everything to be concerned about (cellular
antennas, West Seattle Herald, Oct. 22). I live in a neighbourhood in
Vancouver, B.C., where I am surrounded by three buildings with antennas
on them and I have become electrohypersensitive because of the antennas.

My sleep is fragmented and disturbed, I have vertigo, constant ringing
in my ears, warm in the extremities. Make no mistake, the radiation from
wireless antennas and WiFi is highly biologically active.

My family doctor has confirmed he has other patients living close to
antennas that have also become ill.

Governments and the wireless industry will do nothing to protect you as
their revenues are in the billions - the Canadian government pocketed a
cool C$4.25 billion last June from the auction for the 3G frequency

Current safety limits, which only address thermal effects (heating of
tissue) are woefully inadequate and do not address non-thermal effects
such as DNA damage, and leakage in the blood-brain barrier and

There are numerous studies indicating that electrohypersensitivity and
cancer clusters are consistent with living in close proximity to antennas.

I urge these residents to oppose the additional antennas.

Carl Katz

Vancouver, B.C.

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