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Conference on Electromagnetic Radiation and Health    
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Conference on Electromagnetic Radiation and Health
dinsdag, 18 februari 2014 - Dossier: Algemeen

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London, Friday 7th March 2014

Come and hear leading scientists, medics and other experts present the latest information about health effects caused by exposure to electric and magnetic fields and radio-frequency microwave fields. The talks are aimed at people who do not have expert knowledge of electromagnetic radiation and health and will be suitable for members of the general public. However, enough detail will be presented to also be valuable for medical practitioners and other health workers. The speakers will be available to talk with participants during refreshment breaks and at lunchtime.

Speakers include:

Dr Damien Downing (BSEM President)
Rachel Nicoll (Medical researcher and BSEM conference organiser)
Professor Denis Henshaw (University of Bristol and Scientific Director of Children with Cancer UK)
Alasdair Philips (Powerwatch and EMFields - researcher and educator on EMF-health issues)
Michael Bevington (Author of ES-UK's seminal Electromagnetic Sensitivity resource)
Professor Martin Pall (Washington State University and expert on ME/CFS/EHS syndromes)
Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe (Medical doctor and expert on Electrosensitivity issues)
Dr John McLaren Howard (Biochemistry of, and tests for, electrosensitivity)
Dr Jean Monro (Breakspear Clinic - nutritional solutions)
Dr John Kelsey (Saferwave - devices and techniques for EMF detection and exposure prevention)
This unique meeting will provide, for the first time in the UK, a comprehensive overview of the issues around electropollution. It will cover a discussion of the science (from cancer to electrical hypersensitivity symptoms) as well as how to measure EMF and RF fields and how to reduce your exposure. It will include nutritional and other therapeutic interventions that can improve the life of people with electrosensitivity.

Places are filling up and are limited - book now to ensure you don't miss this event.

For further information download the detailed timetable. bovenstaande link

To Register please download the Registration Form. bovenstaande link

BSEM Website. bovenstaande link

The cost for the day, inclusive of lunch and refreshments, is £150. A few limited concessions are available for students, etc. The contact telephone number for the conference is on the Registration Form.

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