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Johansson: Research showing “remarkable” changes in the skin and other effects from EMF and RF    
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Johansson: Research showing “remarkable” changes in the skin and other effects from EMF and RF
woensdag, 12 april 2017 - Dossier: Algemeen

10 april 2017

Many persons have – over the years – asked for copies of some of my early papers. Unfortunately, I have not had them, up til now, in a scanned electronic format, but now I have.

I will send you a total of 15 papers and conference abstracts.

Please, share them as widely as you can – they are genuine examples and witnesses of what was found and discussed in those early days when the functional impairment electrohypersensitivity still was called “electrical allergy”, “electrosupersensitivity” or “screen dermatitis”, when the electrohypersensitive persons were referred to – by physicians, dentists, politicians, civil servants, and other experts, none of whom had ever investigated the EHS persons, and rarely even met one – as “old crones in the throes of the menopause”, “the poorly educated”, “the very well educated”, “hypochondriacs”, “radiation ladies”, or victims of union-driven fears, mass media-based psychoses, imagination phenomena, Pavlovian conditioning, techno-stress alterations, etc., and when the idea of a harmful wireless, radiation-based, society still was in it’s complete infancy. Biological effects by artificial EMFs, leading up to health issues, were most often harshly ridiculed and scientists pointing to their possible existence were slandered and bullied.

As you know, in these and others papers, we did find very important alterations and effects, in conjunction with such artificial EMFs and corresponding gadgets and equipments, so soon the official funding was reduced, finally to be entirely stopped, and never to occur again.

Olle Johansson, associate professor
The Experimental Dermatology Unit
Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm

Wang et al 1990, immunoreactive nerve fibers in skin

Johansson et al 1995b histaminergic nerves in skin

Johansson et al 1995a nerve fibers in epidermis

Johansson 1994 EHS, dematological reactions to VDTs, other devices

Södergren,Johansson 2001: Mobile Telephones — Will the Golden Goose become the Mad Cow?

Gangi & Johansson 2000, mast cells. histamine, EHS

Gangi & Johansson 1997 skin changes in screen dermatitis v UV, ionizing

Johansson_et_al_2001 mast cells altered in healthy vol by screen time

Johansson et al 1994a Screen dermatitis, prelim results

Johansson et al 1994c Exper. Dematology

Johansson et al 1994b immunohistochemical reactions, screen dermatitis

Johansson et al 1999a light sensitivity, J. Aust Coll Ntr, Env Med

Johansson et al 1996 screening skin changes, normal v screen dermatits

Johansson & Liu 1994 remarkable mast cell changes

Johansson & Liu 1995 ES, EHS, SD presentation, to COST conference .

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